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Trojan Tantrix Helps You Get Off

December 15, 2020 | 490 Views

As we enter the 10th month of the global COVID pandemic and are asked to self-isolate more and more, it’s might be encouraging to learn that some companies have got our self-pleasure in mind. Trojan, most famously known as a maker of condoms that help us all practice safe sex, has just released the Trojan Tantrix. Which they describe as “a new male masturbation sleeve for solo or couples play.”

Trojan Tantrix Box

What Is the Trojan Tantrix?

While most men would find it easier (and cost free) to just use their dominant hand to make themselves enjoy some alone time, and other more savvy men (with more money) use a Fleshlight or something similar, often modeled after a porn star's pussy or ass, to do the deed, Trojan thinks it’s time for men to take better care of their most precious organ, and for this, they came up with the Trojan Tantrix "a soft hand held pleasure sheet with textured ridges for a natural feel" that "fits comfortably in your hand for full range of motion to aid masturbation." Trojan's Tantrix claims that the product is "designed to enhance the sensation of masturbation so you can do less but feel more."

Some Help for Your Self Help

So how do you use this new toy? Simply open the box, remove the sheet, and apply to your desired area. Testers that have used the product have expressed that it’s enjoyable. The one problem, where do you find one? The Trojan Tantrix is hard to find. Although Torjan has created a hype about the product, it seemed to have forgot to stock up on it. As of the time this post was created, the product was still unavailable on Amazon, although the company rolled out the product in the beginning of October. A couple of websites have suggested going to to purchase one, but as of our last search, the items doesn’t appear on Walmart’s website at all. So how do you get a hold of this magical tool if it’s not found anywhere? If you do find it, be ready to pay about $6 for a box of one sleeve. Note that this sleeve is meant for one time use. To some, and especially compared to other male sex toys out there, $6 is a small price to pay for a one time enjoyment. But for others, they might just be willing to forgo the extra pleasure, get off for free, using the true and tried method of their hand and some lotion (or lube if you’re fancy that way).

Not Just for Men

Willa Collection for Women

The Tantrix pleasure aid was released at about the same time as Trojan's new Willa Collection, a range of products aimed at women’s enjoyment. The collection includes smooth or ribbed condoms specifically for the use on sex toys, unscented water-based lube that's infused with aloe and vitamin E, and the Willa Collection Precision Tip Vibrator that's made of soft silicone and offers three vibration speeds—all in one box.


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